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Think Pair Share

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Think Pair Share



Building a Community of Learners



Think Pair Share is an invaluable tool that allows every student to think and communicate.  It's benefits are numerous, wait time, socializing, interacting with peers, high level of engagement and participation, accountable talk, and more.



Think Pair Share is structured talk.  Give students a topic.  Give them time to think about the topic.  Then, have students turn to a partner and share.  To facilitate accountable talk, give students the language they need to converse by giving them sentence frames.  After a short period of time, regroup students and share out as a group.



"Let's talk about money.   Think about a time when you spent money." PAUSE "Okay, turn to your partner and ask your partner Did you ever spend money? You can answer by using this sentence frame One time, I spent money ___."


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