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Think Pads

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Think Pads




Building a Community of Learners



A think pad allows students to have continual communication with the teacher quickly, easily, and efficiently.  Think pads also help students focus on their learning as they try to answer their own questions.  It helps teachers evaluate their teaching for the day.  This strategy is particularly helpful for students who blurt out indiscriminately or have lots of questions.


How To

Give every student a small pad of paper and have the pads available on every desk.  Tell students to write any questions or comments on their think pads as the lesson progresses.  If their questions are not answered in class, tell students to drop off their think pads on the teacher's desk so that the teacher can write a response back or pull the student in for a discussion.


Think pads can also be used for students to record responses to peers, which they can share in groups.





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