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Morning Routines

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Morning Routines


Building a Community of Learners



Having established routines in the mornings allow students to settle into the dynamics of the classroom quickly and calmly without direction from the teacher.  This is akin to a community of workers who come in, have a cup of coffee, say hello to colleagues, and then settle down to work.



Chart the expected morning routines.  At the beginning of the year, teach students how to follow the routines.  Model and reinforce until students become independent.  Then, begin to "pull back" from direct instruction.  Simply remind students, at the door, to check their morning routines.  Eventualy, students will become used to the routines and do them automatically.



Here are my morning routines

  1. Take out your homework and turn in your homework if you have any.
  2. Leave any notes for the teacher in the box.
  3. Put away your backpacks neatly.
  4. Begin Today's Morning Activity


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